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Congratulations on the game development. It reminded me of some classics I used to play long time ago, such as Ogre Tactics and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Listen, do you have any plans to translate the game into other languages? I have worked on Brazilian Portuguese translations. Feel free to contact me if you need it, ok?

Best wishes!

Wow! This game was awesome! I've not  been super into strategy type games for a while, but this has so much appeal and was so easy to just jump in and play! I enjoyed playing it from the get go.  I would love to see this game in it's finished state. So much wonderful care taken to ensure the player can see clearly everything that is relevant at all times. Another option to 'pass' besides the little x on the hud would be cool.. like a right click or double click to bring up the option to pass without moving the cursor?
Keep up the great work I want more of this!

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Thank you for feedback, just finished another project so I try to finish  Guards of the Gate on the next months (will finish probably in March).
I like your 'pass' suggestion, try to implement something like that.

Fun game. Keep up the good work.

Thank you

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Just a quick look

Thanks for review and suggestions

No problem, I'm going to keep an eye on the dev cycle and I'll post updates on the channel.

Don't be discouraged by my sense of humor by the way. If you see any of my other videos - that's just how I always communicate.